Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Worst moment in the history of sports

by Steve

The game is still making me physically ill. Thinking about it, realizing what happened, remembering each play. Every single time the Bills could have seemingly ended it. The realization that its the second time this season it has happened.

These types of games are what shatter your insides. Question life, sports, following a Buffalo franchise. They make you sick, angry, sad, embarrassed, in shock, too many emotions to even write here. I can't even finish this because I'll say something like I'm not following sports any more, or I hate the Bills, but I know those things will never be true. I almost was smiling after the game though, knowing that this is probably what my entire life will be. Disappointment, its like it is suppose to happen. Like Buffalo sports will never win, will always find a way to lose worse than the last time. To rip everyone's hearts out.

Punching my self in the balls repeatedly would have made me feel better after that game. Sitting in the grass across the street from the Ralph for a good 20 minutes after the game, I still am in shock, restless, sick to my stomach, but I'll keep going, I'll keep cheering, and honestly I have no idea why. Go Bills, at least the yankees lost.


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