Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Obligatory Buffalo Sabres post

by Schrum

It’s October 13, 2007. A few games into the Sabres season and I already have a ticket to a game. I was stunned to find out that I was going to a game because A) I am not a season ticket holder B) I am not a member of the Blue Gold Club and C) I did not win a drawing. With so many tickets already sold, the average fan such as myself is left to either get lucky or win some tickets, over pay on, or cop some duckets on the streets. I was asked to go to the game, so I jumped on the opportunity.

Usually when I sit in HSBC, I am in the nose bleeders. So high I can touch the French Connection Banners. But this time I was 100 level, blue line, 17 rows up. $112 face value tickets. I thought to myself, holy shit these seats are amazing. Brought me back to the old school days, pre lock out, when my dad had seasons in the 100’s and 200’s and Steve and I used to go to all the games. It was the beginning of a great night. A 7- 3 Sabres “W”, and seeing Razor straight up disrespect all 18,000 plus when he was awarded the Carruba Collision of the game, then showed up close on the new sick jumbo-tron, and just spit on the ice. No wave, smile, or gratitude gesture.

Anyway, onto the game and some comments:

· Easy quick flow into the Arena. Gotta love it

· The new area that is dedicated to the AUD is nice. It’s a cool place to stop, grab a beer and chill for a few minutes before the game. Cool accessories and memorabilia.

· The line of Ryan, Paille, and Mair is an embarrassment to the NHL. I don’t care how fast or mobile they are; Paille and Ryan got lit up at least 3 times each. “Blue Collar” line my ass. We got physically man handled in the ECF, and we go out and get no power or physical-ness in the off season. Instead we bring up two short dudes that resemble Danny sans the scoring.

· Why is Hecht wearing the “C?” I’ve never seen him talk. I don’t even think he breathes out of his mouth.

· Who buys Sabretooth Jerseys?

· When the Sabres scored my section barely moved. It was filled with little dudes and their fathers. Every father in my section seemed like they had visiting rights for their child that weekend. They all had on turtle necks with sport coats and were always on their phone

· If you’re women, don’t come to the games. Don’t come especially if you’re going to bring a blanket and book like the lady in front of me. Not only a blanket and book, but a bag of chips and gummy bears. Every time some one tried walking by her it took her 40 minutes just to stand up because of all the shit she had.

· Stop leaving the game when there are 4 minutes left in the game, I don’t care what the score is. You show no team spirit. You’re not a true fan. You block the view of people that want to stay and watch the rest of the game.

· The fellow next to me kept telling me that the Capitals Goalie, Johnson, was going to be a great goalie for a long time in this league because he stopped 16 shots in the first period. The dude sucks. He let in Adam Mair’s goal with 37 seconds left in the second period in between is pad and the post. Give me a break. If you’re going to talk about someone make sure it’s justified. That’s like saying Ryan Miller is one of the top goalies in the league. Nylander’s goal was an easy save. I don’t care about the odd man rush. And what kind of play was he making on the break away for Mike Green when he came out of the penalty box. Skate ¾’s of the way to the puck, forget why you’re out their, then throw yourself onto the ice? He has yet to convince me he’s that great. He is good, but not great. He doesn’t steal games; he gets bailed out more often then not.

· Overall a good experience in the Arena. The 300 level was rocking and the high scoring was fun. Didn’t get a beer or dag, regretting that still. I just hope they can put some wins together and start climbing up the Eastern Conference Ladder.

Side Note: I went to Soho after the game and saw Max, Tin Can, Soupy, and Roy. Roy blends in well, Max not so much; Soupy was trying way to hard. He looked like he just got out of a GQ cover shoot and Tin Can was wearing a Twins hat. I have seen him now with a Twins hat and Yankees hat on. Can the dude make up his mind? Or just go like Kotalik does and wear a Soho hat during interviews.


  1. "That’s like saying Ryan Miller is one of the top goalies in the league."

    He is, retard. God, this site sucks.

  2. no actually miller is overrated. if you pay attention to any of the games, miller drops to his knees in that mod butterfly and unless the puck hits him, his head moves from left to right to try and find the puck. go sabes

  3. whats millers gaa and save percentage and how does it rank against the rest of the league? 20th in GAA and 21st in Save %. If thats great then induct him into the HOF right now. Last year the only game he stole and won for us was against Toronto towards the end of the season. The Sabres have to score atleast 4 goals on any given night to give us a chance. He lets in weak easy goals a la Greens goal against Washington. He is a good goalie ... just not great.

  4. He was near the bottom is almost every category last year and this year except wins.