Monday, October 1, 2007

Prediction results

Now that the mlb season is over except for a play in game tonight between the Rockies and Padres, it is time to take a look at the pre season predictions and see how everything fell into place.

That is the post in which the predictions were made. Now let's see who evidently has the most baseball knowledge.

American League
East Champs Boston: Schrum, Steve, Wreck, Coast

Central Champs Cleveland: Schrum, Steve, Coast

West Champs Angels: AP, Schrum, Coast (Steve had them as a Wildcard)

Wild Card New York Yankees: No one had this one pegged. In fact, only one person gave the 200 million dollar payrollers even a playoff berth(AP)

National League
EAST Philadelphia: Coast (AP had them as his wild card)
Central Chicago: no one (Coast had them winning the division)
West Arizona: Steve, Coast, T Wreck
Wild Card Rockies: T Wreck (Schrum had them winning the division)

Coast won with 6 of the 8 correct playoff teams with Schrum and Steve coming in 2nd with 4.

Steve fared fairly well in his mid season break down Picking 5 playoff teams correctly and predicting a coin flip would determine a playoff spot.

Playoff and hardware predictions tomorrow

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