Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Sullivan's Response


I appreciate your points and thanks for the kind words on my column. I really don't think the debate should be reduced to stats and numbers. I agree with the organization that Edwards has more long-term potential. They do not intend to give Losman the type of contract extension he will surely be seeking after the season -- something in the $50 million range with $15 million guaranteed money. The NFL is big business and that's the reality. They have to decide if he's a franchise QB and they expressed their lack of confidence in him when the drafted Edwards. Edwards should be judged as a rookie who will have the expected struggles of a first-time QB. I think the coaches are encouraged despite his struggles and the lack of points. I reject the Kelly Holcomb comparison. It's an easy and chic one to make, but I think it's off-base. Given time and experience, I think Edwards will make plays down the field. He has the arm. He is no Kelly Holcomb, any more than Losman is a Brett Favre.


(Can there be any more proof that this decision is strictly financial? Who is to say that Losman will be seeking $50,000,000? Also, isn't Losman under contract until 2008? Why not keep him one more year? I don't know the business side of the NFL well enough to make any comment as to what Losman will want and whether or not he would want to play without a new contract in his final year. Where is the evidence of this strong arm that Trent Edwards allegedly possesses? The only significant deep ball I have seen him throw was drastically underthrown. The one he completed, which was only about a 40 yard throw in the air, was a duck. Why go with a rookie right now, when as unbelievable as it is to think about, we are right in the middle of the AFC wild card race. If the Bills can win their next 2 games and get to 5-4, talk will change dramatically, especially if those wins come with JP under center. The point Sullivan makes about the money is a valid one but again I have not seen nearly enough in Edwards to believe he is the quarterback of the future. Finally, Sullivan says that the coaches demonstrated a lack of confidence in Losman by taking Edwards in the 3rd round. That is a false statement. The Bills have no plans to draft Edwards. He was supposed to be gone in the 2nd round and the Bills didn't draft him until the end of the third. If the Bills were going to take a quarterback because of a lack of confidence in JP, they would have made a move to get one in the 2nd round or drafted Brady Quinn. You don't draft a quarterback in the third round because he magically fell to you to be your starting quarterback or because you do not have confidence in your current starter. It was a value pick. Finally, I never staked claim to JP being Brett Favre. But, I think the similiarities thus far that we have seen between Edwards and Holcomb are much more valid. Jerry Sullivan, we will wait to see what you say in your comments Monday if the Bills win under JP.)

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  1. The reason we don't see evidence of Trent's arm strength is simple. He stares down his receivers worse than anyone else I've ever seen...even Bledsoe. It's almost impossible to miss on his medium-to-long range passes as he usually is already staring down his intended receiver before he even gets the ball from center. On shorter passes, he can get away with it more easily because he's not locked on for long at all. Look at replays of the interceptions he's thrown. A CB would have to be blind not to know where the ball is going. That's why they keep him in dink and dunk mode reduce interceptions.