Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Podcast all baseball NLCS ALCS W.S.

Todays podcast discusses the ALCS, NLCS, and the Rockies in the World Series (right click save as to download)


  1. That shit sucked, fegmo. Seriously, what a ghey. Go whine about the Indians to someone else. I don't want to hear it.

  2. JD Drew sucks I hate him more than Hecht ... The Youks's drop wasn't scored an errror, why was Dustin humping his leg when he was trying to make that play? ... I swing a better stick than Lugo ... That fan that threw Youks ball made it all the way from the porch to Jhonny's feet ... what a cannon ... Non-Coast esc ... Pronk, nice signing Marky, should yave moved vmart to DH, garko to first, and Kelly at catcher with Pronk playing for the Mariners ... If Boston keeps that bottom half of the line up next year they will not win 10 games next year ... NOT 10 FUCKING GAMES!

  3. Paul Byrd looks like the Undertaker. I hope the red sox get fucking destroyed and the Indians at least put up a fight in the series.

  4. Hey 244...

    a) What is fegmo?
    b? what kind of phrase is "what a ghey."
    c) No one was whining
    d) go fuck yourself

  5. Hey buffalo sports dude...

    You are a douche. Go fuck yourself, queerbag. What a fegmo.

  6. Janis thanks for calling me to ask for my ALCS thoughts and predictions...I thought I would be able to level the playing field since Coast is the only Tribe fan in the country.

  7. holy shit rashford is alive ... i didnt know that ... who u like this year rash ... Dirk or Kobe?

  8. dirk to the lakers

    kobe to the mavericks

    cuban to the cubs

    torre to the booth

    bills to las vegas

  9. rashford .... if dirk goes to the lakers ill attempt suicide