Thursday, October 25, 2007

World Series is a joke

by Steve

Have we seen anything more boring and uninteresting than the World Series? WOW! A bunch of bandwagon rich ass hole red sox fans dancing around and signing some shitty Neil Diamond song! All this while their team, who can just blow huge amounts of money on bit players and over rated pieces of shit like Lugo and Gange and a few others while they play a real baseball team with some dude named Spilborghs as their DH. Great fucking job Theo.

Alright we want numbers? How about 1 number $100 million. That should be the SALARY CAP. Ever hear of a salary cap Major League Baseball? The red sox total salary this seas was $143,000,000 roughly while Colorado's was $54,000,000. Just about Ninty million dollars in discrepancy there. Ok so its not all salary, the Yankees lost? Eh efff that it helps to out spend by nearly 200%.

  • Ubaldo pitched well today, just some how got out pitched by Schilling.
  • What happen to the Rockies offense? Fenway is a good hitters ball park, christ. 2 runs in 18 innings?
  • Did I really witness the alleged NL MVP get picked off at 2nd in the 8th inning with 2 outs down 1 run?
  • Did Colorado really have to sit on their asses for 8 days before playing another game?
  • Is Troy Tulowitzki really in the 7 hole? WTF?!
  • Is Ryan Spilborghs really the DH in the 9 hole?
  • Did I really, no honestly, did I really witness a dude walk 3 straight batters with the bases loaded Wednesday? Did that really happen? 13-1? Beckett got real luck in that game too, I'll say that much, the strike zone was questionable too.
Ok the series is far from over. I like Fogg over "Dice-K" I like Ortiz playing first base. I like taking beard face er Youkilis out of the line up. I love Man-ram trying to cover all that space at Coors. I love Jacobi in the line up along with Lugo fighting for the 8 hole. Lester or Wakefield in that thin air is also appealing.

I'll say Rockies in 6 if their offense can awake from its coma because the Red Sox are tired, and about to hit a wall. Book it.

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  1. lester is starting game 4 ... wakefield was left of the roster because of his shoulder injury