Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Bills schedule

by Steve

Ok, well I was wrong about the Browns v Bills on Thanksgiving, but I was right about them playing each other at night during the week. I was also right about a few other things but whatever. The Bills have another Monday night game at home and they start the season at home. Both are pluses, however, the Dolphins rivalry is officially dead, they play their biggest rival in Toronto?!1 WTFFFFFFFF!?

Wow, the first 5 weeks of the season before the BYE aren't that bad. The Seahawks were 3-5 on the road last year, they have both home games against teams from the West coast, and the Rams and Cardinals aren't that good. True, the Jaguars are good, but they aren't great, and are beatable early in the season. Wasn't Del Rio on the hot seat early last year? Yes, isn't Garrard unproven at best? Yes, plus Freddie T is a year older.

Other highlights include the Patriots at home last week of the season, arguebly for the Division, or the game will be meaningless for them and we can romp on back ups ala Pittsburgh in 2004. Holy shit, i'm depressed.

4 West Coast teams have to make the trip all the way to Buffalo, I love, there are no division games until week 8, the Jets suck, and well, week 9 against the Pats. At least we get 2 weeks to prepare for Norv Turner and the Chargers.

Bills could and should win at least 8 games, if they don't make the playoffs this is an embarrassment of a franchse, fauckkkk

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  1. If Edwards can come into his own as quarterback and we have fewer key injuries than last year, I like the Bills to go 11-5. The division is obviously down this year and Buffalo needs to take advantage.