Sunday, April 27, 2008

Steve Johnson WR Kentucky, 7th round Bills

Dude is 6'3 might be a steal. Raw obviously for a 7th rounder that is what you expect.

Steve Johnson, a senior from Kentucky, began his career at Chabot Junior College. He ended it doing a great job for his alma mater in his last season. Does that great season springboard him to the next level? I am not sure, but it got the scouts to look closely enough at him. He has the size and decent speed, but he needs to work on his hands. He is good but not at the level of the NFL in a lot of things, such as route running and separation.

Scouting Report

Pros: If you are searching for a deep threat, he could be the guy—if he develops the skills that are lacking somewhat.

Cons: He overreacts to a lot of things that most anyone else would not pay a second thought to. That might hurt him with the more strict NFL refs.

Overall: He will come off the board anytime after the middle of the fourth round.

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