Monday, April 21, 2008

What the Bills need to do Saturday

by Steve

True the first round is only 10 minutes and it is only the first and second rounds on Saturday, so maybe the title should read what the Bills have to do this weekend, but I digress. As Coast is meticulously breaking down each need position (WR and CBof the Bills in anticipation of the draft I'm going to tell you what the Bills need to do.

The Bills were a bad team last year, yeah yeah, they were 7-7 with 2 to play and staring at a potential playoff birth, and the Giants did win the Superbowl somehow, but lets not fool ourselves, they were and still are far away. Mitchel and a healthy Stroud are a solid first step, but lets face it this offense is pathetic.

Where is the impact wide receiver? Lee Evans, he is walking come March 1, and if he is double covered or hurt, there is no one else, the cupboards are bare. Playmaking tight end? Pshht please. The Bills unofficially have the worst TE corps in the league. There pretty much is no reaching at this point for the Bills where ever they take a tightend.

They pick11th, that is to early to go wide receiver with this draft class. At least from what I have read. I want someone tall but I don't want someone like Troy Williamson or Matt Jones who is a complete bust.(Aside for a moment, when the Eff did JAX get Williamson and Porter? I didn't realize WRs grow on trees in J-ville shit) The Bills need a red zone threat and a possession receiver that can go over the middle, is there someone in the draft that fills both needs?

Other than tight end and wide receiver the Bills have general needs on defense. My philosophy is go defense at every position in the draft, or at least as much as possible. True I hated the Marshawn pick as stated here, embarrassing, yes. I just don't like offense early in the first, they don't have the impact and seem to be more prone to being a bust.

Soo here is what the Bills have to do:

Trade into the 20s! Yes it is not easy, and the value might not be there, but paying a potential bust WR @11 who doesn't deserve to be drafted there is worse. The Eagles may look to move up, and who knows what other teams love, they could be coveting a player that the Bills just don't need but maybe the Broncos Panthers or Bears are staring at someone the Bucs want...

Maybe get another 2nd perhaps late, get a value CB in the mid 20s of round one. I don't think Rodgers-Cromartie will be around at 11 any ways. Maybe someone like Talib or Cason will be available later. Use the two 2nd round pick to go TE and WR. If all else fails go CB at 11, WR at 42 and the TE early in round 3 while trading up and giving up a 6th or something.

All I know is the Bills better draft a cornerback in the first two rounds, 2 wide receivers in the first 5 rounds and a tackle in the first 5 rounds. The rest linebacker defensive tackle and defensive end. And god damn it can Losman be traded? Oh wait no its too late because there are no decent/reliable back up Quarterbacks. Son of a bitch.

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  1. Trade down if possible ... snag Sweed ... then go CB 2nd, TE 3rd, then go Center and Defense the rest of picks ... wouldn't mind a QB