Monday, April 7, 2008

Calipari slash Memphis choke

by Steve

What a fuckin choke job. Free throws are, get this, free points. Memphis blew more than Paris Hilton when it came to 'free' points during the regular season in the rigorous Conference USA in 2007/08. They thought they had their problem fixed in the NCAA tournament, they thought wrong.

I was very weary in taking the Tigers -2 in this game. They weren't that good, they lost to Tennessee. True they only had 1 loss, but when you play in conference USA, ya know, not against teams like Syracuse, UConn and Gtown all season you're going to win 37+ games. C'mon... Um, congrats Kansas?

I tease the over and Memphis and lost both teases. My friend lost the over and it went to over time, i'm not sure what is worse losing the over in a game that goes to OT or losing $590 on Memphis -2. Ouch.

There are rumors circulating that the dude that made the pass before OT, in regulation, for Kansas had half his foot out of bounce, there for it shouldn't have been a tie game after Chalmers made a sick fading to his left shot with 2.5 seconds left. The alleged out of bounce foot came with something like 45 seconds left and the Tigers still uncomfortably winning.

Wow these type of bullshit games where someone like Bill Self can win a National Championship make me want to stop gambling. Then again maybe they want me to gamble more. You take the odds, or the over night baseball lines, and I guess you'll win. Just don't bet on John Calipari and a team from a fuckin midmajor. Faaaaaaauck.

The Big East will Pwn in 2008.


  1. Two Points
    1. $659
    2. There was 1:53 left, Memphis up 7 with the rock, Kansas steals it, half the dudes foot is out of bounds when he tries passing it-unable to tell if it touched the ground or not.



  2. just to clarify everything... it was $759 that we lost and that loss can be blamed solely on anderson... who for some reason lazily threw a 5 foot high bounce pass to rose with a 7 point lead and 1:53 on the clock