Saturday, April 26, 2008

NFL draft running diary

2:59 Yo, Steve turn it up, 10 sec0nds" -Schrum

3:00 Can I get an HD camera? - steve

3:01 Brian has mentioned Chris long has looked like Paul Pos at least 4 times.

3:02 Why is Kiper having a power trip taking the seat on the right?!- Schrum

3:09 Dude, if Dorsey is on the board he has to be drafted by the Buffalo Bills.. period"-steve

3:11 Why did it take 10 minutes to announce Chris Long St Louis?

3:18 Damn, no Eli face from Matt Ryan holding up the jersey.

3:20 Ryan will be a bust, I would have bolstered the defense and takin Dorsey time will tell -steve

3:24 Key Loss for the Bills: Larry Tripplet, lol at the ESPN bottom line.

3:28 LaMont, Rhodes, Fargas, McFadden?! Lotta money in the back field.

3:34 Where did Dorsey get that huge friggen watch?!

3:44 Boring draft so far no surprises wtf.

3:57 Lotta trades early is not good for the Bills to get out of 11.

4:01 Text from t-wreck "Picks 5 and on?" What a pathetic asshole, he is a bar right now...

4:13 Jerod Mayo shock, wow.

4:13 Buffalo Bills on the clock

4:19 I love the pick, no Devin Thomsa so I'll take it.-steve

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