Thursday, April 24, 2008

Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie vs Leodis McKelvin

by Steve

Most agree going wide receiver at 11 is stupid. Especially with the "talent" in this years draft, so really the question is DRC or Leodis with the eleventh pick in the 2008 NFL Draft. Here is my professional analysis.

vsCategory 1: Name
Leodis is a solid first name, rare, somewhat original, and it doesn't seem like his parents were trying to hard with this selection. However, any hyphenated name with 16 letters will take the cake any day. Plus an acronym like DRC seals the deal. "D.R.C." gives DRC the win. Plus who doesn't wanna see how small a font the NFL will have to use to get that whole name on the back of a jersey.

Category 2: Major in College
DRC is a psych major and L-MC is in sport and fitness management. One will be able to psych out the opponent while the other will be able to explain to the receivers he destroys and the quarterbacks he intercepts how to stay healthy. Hmm I don't like either major but one would have to assume psychology is a bit tougher than sport and fitness management. D-rodg steals another one.

Category 3: Number of kids + arrests
God damn it, google and yahoo news are all about the draft. I couldn't find one story about arrests or children. Give 'em a signing bonus and a summer heading into the NFL and hopefully that changes.

Category 4: weird shit
According to L-MC's wikipedia page, he was drafted 6th overall by the New York Jets. Interesting since the draft is Saturday. However... DRC only has only kidney. It never worked since birth and he had the useless appendage removed when he was eight. Damn, DRC takes another.

Category 5: Hottest chick to come up in Google pictures when his name is input
All I got when I typed in DRC's name was some Broncos cheerleader. Her cleavage was zero and her arms were covered. On the contrary, L-MC's name was put in and none other than Lucy Pinder's picture came up. This was no normal Pinder snap shot, nope this one was of her in a bikini soakin wet in the water. Safe to say he wins.

Category 6: Famous Alumni
Troy University vs. D2 Tennessee State? Ouch. Evidently it is Alfred G Hansen a four star general vs well, DRC. Looks like DRC wins cause no one gives a shit about Alfred Hansen.

Other categories Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie wins:
Most famous cousin, Antonio Cromartie
Worst number in college, 45
Worst picture on your Bio page
Taller cornerback
Younger cornerback

Other categories Leodis McKelvin wins:
Most google search results, 146,000
Best Youtube highlight
Best school mascot
Better hometown, Waycross, GA.


  1. DRC in a heartbeat. I can't wait to see him pick off Matt Hasselbeck's third pass and take it to the house. I just think he fits our secondary better. If we take Mike Jenkins, I'll snap.

  2. ture that
    the little cro will be just as good as his cousin