Monday, April 14, 2008

Buffalo Bills schedule eve

by Steve

Since coast is a douche and never writes any more I'll write it up. Here is a juicy rumor about the Bills playing against the Browns on Thanksgiving night. holy mole-y that would be sweet. Exacting revenge on those piece of shit fans from Cleveland. They treated us like shit when we were there last year, and i'm doing the same thing this year.

I predict the Bills will get a home night game, not sure if it will be the T-giving game or not, but the way Buffalo showed up for the two games last year, it would seem likely to me Buffalo gets another home night game.

We'll probably open up on the road, I'll say somewhere like NY Jets, we only have 2 home games after Dec 1st and the Bills will play a late December game against an NFC West opponent so either San Fran or the Seahawks. I guarantee it is home game #7.

Of course we will be playing the Patriots after the bye, and we'll be playing in Miami early in the season so it is nice and hot and the Dolphins will be coming to town late in the year when it is cold. Oh yea, and guaranteed 7 home sell outs.

WTF though, why did the NFL announce the preseason schedule like 2 weeks ago and needed this much time to friggen come up with the real schedule. I guess carry out the season all 52 weeks.

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