Thursday, February 23, 2012

Brad Marchand: Piece of Shit Jr

by Steve

If Tom Brady wasn't enough of a parade of people shitting on the City of Buffalo we have a new piece of shit to lead the parade, Brad Marchand. "Buffalo is the worst place in the NHL," Marchand responded. "I’m not too excited to go there, but I’ll be excited to leave."

Hey the truth hurts so whatever but jeez it still isn't fun to hear someone that isn't one of us say it. Is it even true? Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Newark NJ?

I always hated this guy to begin with but having another reason is always nice. Plus, maybe now he'll take some of the heat of mongoloid Zdeno Chara. Why do Sabres fans even boo him any way? Because we know he is really good and would love him on our team? I can't say the same about Marchand who is just kinda of a dingle berry pest out there.

STFU, realize your lucky of 2010/11 is over and go back to being the 4th franchise in "New England" whatever that is.

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