Friday, February 3, 2012

Good News for the Buffalo Bills?

by Steve

Anyone catch Roger Goodell's act on the Costas show yesterday? "Goodell said the league "doesn't want to move any of our teams." Sounds good to me. Of course what is he going to say that he wants to move teams? But then he continued "We probably don't want to go to 33" teams by adding just one new club if a suitable stadium is built in the Los Angeles area, Goodell said.

This is the first I've ever heard of the National Football League talking about expansion. Him specifically saying he would add two teams as oppose to adding one team and moving a second team to L.A. is also comforting.

Who knows may it is all just rhetoric but at least he is throwing out there the possibility of adding teams instead of relocation. And obviously any good news relating to the Bills staying in Buffalo is welcome.

On another note anyone catch Marcell Dareus' quote about bitch bitch Tom Brady?: "You have to get after Tom Brady some type of way," Dareus said in a Sirius XM radio interview. "Getting a hand in his face, knocking his arm down. Don't go too crazy because Brady has the referees on his side. He cries to referees as soon as he gets a chance, and it always goes his way."

Also, Stevie Johnson was on radio row today at the Superbowl and was on the Jim Rome show. Basically he said he was surprised and mad that he hasn't been resigned by the Bills yet, he is thinking more and more about free agency even mentioning other quarterbacks in the league, says he still wants to stay in Buffalo but is less and less sure something will get done.

Also the franchise tag numbers aren't yet official but for a WR it is about $9.5 million


  1. Get the deal done yesterday

  2. Get money fuck bitches.... fuck stevie.. either franchise the piece of Shit or let him walk.. Wat a tool all he cares bout us attention.. never gonna get to the ship with this douche leading the goon squad fmllll