Sunday, February 12, 2012

Buffalo Bills and the salary cap

by Steve

A few interesting posts by mentioned the salary cap and how each team has to be up to 89% of the salary cap in 2013. The salary cap in the National Football League for 2011 was $120 million. 89% of that of course would be $106.8 million.

The Bills were way under the salary cap and were clocked in at $19.29 million under. That amount put Buffalo at 6th cheapest team in the league. Yes there are a lot of ways to manipulate the cap with signing bonuses likely to earn bonuses etc as pointed out in this PFT post. But all teams play by those same rules so it doesn't really matter, the cap is the cap.

More interestingly however is the point they make about teams being able to now carry over excess cap space to the next league year. Apparently all the team has to do is send a note to the league office requesting to carry over their extra cap ca$h. Soooo, the Buffalo Bills could actually spend (assuming the same cap # as 2011 which is not likely) $139 million next year!

Obviously if the Bills don't even request to carry the extra cap space over they are 100% cheap and do not care about winning. Yes we all know they won't spend that much but they have to at least pretend and make the request to keep that excess space. If they don't we know Ralph's true intentions.

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