Sunday, February 26, 2012

Brad Riter back on WGR

by Steve

Mixed bag of news, no Jim Rome for me this Monday because Brad Riter (yes this Brad Riter) will be hosting a show from 12-3 because of the NHL trade deadline.

Who would have thought things would come full circle. First he's fired from the station. Then he gets basically his own radio station at WECK 1230. That station changes formats and he gets canned. Then Riter fills in on WBEN 930 for a few days as a host. Then everyone at WGR 550 seemingly gets sick and he's asked to fill in for Hower Simon in the morning. And now he gets his own show? (albeit only a one day thing.)

As long as it is just a one day thing and they don't permanently bump Jim Rome. The real sad part is that B-rad won't have anything to talk about because the Buffalo Sabres aren't going to do jack shit save for an ancillary move like trading some bum for another (Boyes or Leopold would be my guess)

I mean of course they wouldn't do the smart thing and trade anything that isn't bolted down. I'd peace Goose, Roy, Leopold, Boyes, Miller etc etc as quickly as possible. I can not think of one rational reason to keep Paul Gaustad. Hey Darc go google a Jim Mora clip.


  1. With GR getting the Bills adding Riter to the mix pre or post game would be a smart move

  2. I like Brad Riter..i think he will be a great re-addition to the team. I can see them adding him into the mix for Bills coverage on gamedays.

  3. Drop Rome add SVP