Monday, February 6, 2012

New England Patriots, dynasty* dead

by Steve

Does anyone have video or a picture of asshat Robert Kraft after the Super Bowl loss looking out at the field and up at the scoreboard? That was the best moment of my life. Also knowing that the Patriots Dynasty* is good and dead.

Ever since it was revealed that the New England Patriots were cheaters and a fraud they have lost multiple Super Bowls, lost home playoff games to the NY Jets and Baltimore Ravens (shoulda been twice) and have been out classed by the New York Giants not once but twice.

Let's face it, they can't win the big one without cheating. Their genius of a head coach seems a lot more average and a 100% failure as a personnel man. Where are the receivers on these teams? Danny Woodhead and BenJarvus Green-Ellis are the go to guys out of the back field? Two good tight ends clearly wasn't enough and Belicheat doesn't know how to draft. He wasted the last years of Brady's prime trying to out smart everyone while never realizing the only reason he ever won was because he cheated.

Yeah they are still a class well above the Buffalo Bills and will be competitive for a couple more years until all of the luck has run dry but this dynasty* is dead. That $500,000 fine was the death knell in the once bulletproof New England Patriots. If only we still had the proof and it wasn't swept under the rug then the rug burned. Thanks Rog.

Tom Tom Brady the best quarterback ever? Hahahah yeah fuckin right. Two SB L's to little Manning? Ouch, his legacy is and always will be tarnished for ever and I love it.

Time to dieeeee Tom, go move to Brentwood enjoy your freakishly tall and sore loser wife until you eventually cheat on her or get dumped. I don't think Supermodels like losers TB.


  1. The Buffalo Bills haven't been to the playoffs since 1999 and haven't won a playoff game since 1995.

  2. This is prob my favorite article youve ever written.

    We should start taping teams and cheating then maybe we'd make it


  4. They drafted a rb in the 2nd and 3rd rd and did either even play a down? Belicheck the defensive genius and his defense looked as if run by George Edwards most of the season.