Saturday, February 25, 2012

Stevie Johnson contract extension imminent?

by Steve

I'm just kind of filling in the blanks here (inferring if you will) with the information I'm reading. 1+1=2 though right? First we have Stevie Johnson's agent CJ Laboy, "We had a very productive meeting, I'm very optimistic. I'm looking forward to continue talking."

And we have Aaron Wilson: "Bills and the agent for wide receiver Stevie Johnson scheduled to meet again tonight, according to a league source."

I would be surprised if this doesn't get done this weekend and announced some time next week. The Bills know they need to keep SJ13 and SJ13 wants to stay in Buffalo. Why keep negotiating at this point if something wouldn't get done. It just wouldn't make any sense. Plus Buddy Nix himself said they haven't ruled out using the franchise tag ($9.4 million) on Johnson if they had to.

So yeah, your knock-off Johnson #13 jerseys from China still have some value left in them. I'm gonna go find mine at the bottom of my closet right now.

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  1. Leave filling in the blanks to the professionals, of which you are not one.