Thursday, September 5, 2013

2013 NFL Predictions: Total Wins

by Steve

The "professional" prognosticators were posted here and coast previewed Bills v Pats, now it is my time to start dropping some knowledge/predictions.

Total wins for all 32 teams based on our boys at Oddsmaker (pay out of the under is next to the win total):

Arizona Cardinals 5.5, under +145
Carson Palmer? Now the toughest division, surprisingly, in football after being the worst for a decade?  I'll take that extra juice and the under.

Atlanta Falcons 10, under -140
Some expecting a fall from last year but I think Matty Daddy Ice is progressing nicely, although I don't like their silverfoxed head coach. 11 wins are in order

Baltimore Ravens 8.5, under even
They may have just been getting really lucky last year at the right time but can't that be said for a lot of teams that get to the Super Bowl?  They have a great home field advantage and their division is meh. Takin the over

Buffalo Bills 6.5, under -140
Little talent, mediocre rookie head coach, no depth, young players all over the field expected to make huge contributions right away?  Not gonna win much money but I'll take the under. 5-11

Carolina Panthers 7, under +135
An interesting team that could be a blue print for the Bills.  Their coach is abysmal and Newton needs to keep upright.  Are there enough weapons on offense for this team to make the leap back to relevancy? Not with ol' transition lens. under (I'd love a push actually)

Chicago Bears 8.5, under +125
Another enigma and I had to verify that the canuck Trestman was their head coach.  Take under even though I like me some Jay Cutler.

Cincinnati Bengals 8.5 under +125
This team just makes the playoffs despite an inspiration-less  head coach.  The defense is also nasty and probs because they have to practice outside. Easy over.

Cleveland Browns 6.5 under even
Huh?  This doesn't make a lot of sense.  This team sucks.  They have a new coach every other year, a 31 year old second year QB.  I don't know if Trent Richardson is durable enough but he is a god damn beast.  Under.

Dallas Cowboys 8.5, under -110
I feel like if any team could push on an o/u 8.5 bet it would be Jerra [sic] and the 'boys. (a tie is considered a loss tho).  They're goin under sorry Big D.

Denver Brocos 11.5 under -140
There has to be a few teams that win 12 or 13 wins so this team is as good as any to do that.  Plus that division is weaaakkkk. Over

Detroit Lions 7.5, under +140
Do or die for asshole Schwartz right?  It is the Lions so I'm takin the under.

Green Bay Packers 10.5, under -10
Aaron Rodgers is a pretty good regular season QB so I'll pencil them in for 11 wins.

Houston Texans 10.5, under -150
Not gonna win a ton with an under bet here so I'll ride with Schaub to another wildcard weekend win then lose in the divisional round again. Over

Indianapolis Colts 8.5, under +105
Is all the luck over already in Indy?  Tennessee still sucks, Jax is worse, but 8-8 isn't even a bad year. Under

Jacksonville Jaguars 5, under -115
Teddy Bridgewater watch is already under way. 4-12, under!

KC Chiefs 7.5, under +125
A new head coach and quarterback retreads (wait what?) have to be an improvement but just 'cause a team had a bunch of "pro bowlers" don't mean shit.  Plus I hate their first pick. under

Miami Dolphins 7.5, under 125
Tannehill? Under

Minnesota Vikings 7.5, -140
Christian Ponder isn't good but their running back is. I'm not positive that's worth 8 wins but I need a couple overs to even things out. 8-8 and over 7.5

New England Patriots 11, under -165
Perplexing unless you think Gronk will be hobbled all year and the genius drafting of undrafted players to play wide receiver isn't genius.  Why doesn't this team load up whilst they still have a really good quarterback? Fuck, they'll still win 11 or 12 so I'll bang the over.

New Orleans Saints 9.5, under +105
Tough division will lead to only 9 wins, unless they pay their players to hit the opponent really hard again.

New York Giants 9, under -120
Does this team ever win more than 9 games? Eli! Over!

New York Jets 6, under -135
This team is the more over covered awful team in all of sports. Go away and die. Under

Oakland 5.5, under -170
Anyone that feels bad for Matt Flynn just look at his bank account. Pryor is my boy and six wins is doable. Over

Philadelphia Eagles 7 under +120
An interesting team soley because of grimey p.o.s. fat Chip Kelly. Where is your neck? .500 and over.

Pittsburgh Steelers 9.5 -130
Like stealing candy from a baby. This under is cashe allll day.

San Diego Chargers 7.5, under -130
Least interesting team in the league? Probs. Under

San Francisco 49ers 11.5, under -150
How did I go ftom not munding these guys to outright hating then? Maybe because they are a thousand times better than the Bills. But i gotta go under in that division.

Seattle Seahawks 10.5, under even
Easy home schedule afds up to 11 wins and the over

St Louis Rams 7.5 under even
Fish dawg needs to start winning, same goes for Sam Brad. I could see 8 wins.

Tampa Bay Bucs 7.5, under +120
Greg Schiano looks like a genius by jumping off that burning shipwreck at Rutgers but Im not sure he can win in the NFL. Under.

Tennessee Titans 6.5, under -125
This team is the Bills. Under.

Washington Redskins 8.5, under -140
Surprising that the money is going on the under, wont this team only get better? Over

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  1. Predictions seem to me dangerous. You predicted well of that matches. NFl is becoming more and more exciting day by day