Monday, September 30, 2013

Bills 23 Ravens 20

By Steve

Someone save this moment in time for Coast, not only was I way off about this game but Coast actually predicted the score exactly. The Bills are now surprisingly 2-2 with a night game with the Browns in three days.

The Bills didn't look great (except for in the run defense) but eeked out a victory against a very respectable Baltimore team with rings on their fingers.

First the good, EJ had some good throws, a terrible fumble errr two, but made enough plays to win. He still has a ton of question marks surrounding him but looks like an NFL quarterback.

Aaron Williams either transformed into a real NFL player on Sunday or Steph Gilmore stole his jersey and played. Two picks, a game saving tackle and some clutch pass break ups, the guy was a stud. And that was playing corner when a year ago at the same position he looked destined for the CFL. Stunning.

Kristian Alonso is a force. Two more interceptions one as great and clutch as it gets and just running around like a mad man. It is as if he'll get a pick every week (he's tied for first in the league with 4 and one in three straight). He has stud written all over him.

Now the bad, Marrone went into shut down mode at halfn seemingly unwilling to try and win the game instead of just holding on. Usually this gets you beat but some how yesterday ot didn't.  This team left a ton of points out there and should have beat Baltimore by more.

Did Nate Hackett ever see a chance to run the ball he didn't like? The offense was as predictable as ever. They did rack up a lot of yards on the ground and did win but they could have done more.

The refs were awful. Three plays were reversed on review? As Wreck kept yelling during the game, the refs wanted the Ravens to stay in the game. Questionable calls all over the place, when the Ravens needed  it, or the Bills were ready to put it away you could count on a flag.

After the first stop towards the end of the game I was relatively confident Buffalo would win. The Bills made more plays, out ran an allegedly good running team and deserved to win. Now they have to beat Cleveland and we have a season. Just fix the fuckin bathrooms from pouring sewage on my feet as I piss Russ.

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