Saturday, September 7, 2013

Week 1 NFL Picks

Steve Wreck and now Coast will be picking 5 games against the spread with our best bets each week throughout the season.  Last year Steve finished 51-41-3 best bet 7-11-2 and Wreck finished 51-45-1 through the Super Bowl. In 2011 Steve finished 59-35 and Wreck finished 49-44 fwiw.

Week 1 Picks


Tampa Bay @ NY Jets under 40
Buffalo +10.5 v New England
Cincinnati +3 @ Chicago
Cleveland -1 v Miami
Minnesota +4.5 @ Detroit


Carolina +4 v Seattle
Buffalo +10.5 v New England
Oakland +10.5 @ Indianapolis
Green Bay +4.5 @ San Francisco
Jacksonville +4 v Kansas City


New Orleans -3 v Atlanta
Chicago -3 v Cincinatti
NY Jets +4 v  Tampa Bay
Seattle -4 @ Carolina
Buffalo +10.5 v New England

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