Sunday, September 22, 2013

Bills 20 Jets 27 immediate reaction

By Steve

Absolutely embarrassing loss bt the Bills at the New Jersey Jets tonight. Not only is Spiller Carrington Mckelvin and Dareus are hurt but the whole team was a joke.

5 worst player:

1. EJ manuel
Has this guy ever thrown a fourth down play in bounce? I'd take Bledsoe now over Manuel who is now 0-1 vs the only starting QB in the '13 draft. Pathetic performance.

2. Justin Rogers

If this guy is on the roster tuesday I'll be surprised. He literally cost the team the game makig Stephon Hill an NFL player for a day. Holy fuck you are a joke to cornerback play.

3. CJ Spiller
9 carries 9 yards in the first half and didnt bother playing in the second half, thank god.

4. The Jets
Twent penalties, clearly they didnt want to win. Rex Ryan some how makes Doug Marrone look incompetant ane thats rare but the Jets win and he Bills lose.

5. Who gives a fuck
The Bills are a joke, they cant run they have no QB and the defense is a siv. Hoky smokes


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