Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Buffalo Bills Power Rankings Compilation Week 3

Week 3 Bills Power Rankings

The Bills move up 3 spots to 26 behind four teams that are 0-2.
"EJ Manuel was 6-for-8 for 51 yards, including the game-winning TD pass, on the final drive Sunday. Mario Williams' team-record 4.5 sacks helped, too."

 23, moving up three spots but they are still behind the team (Carolina) that they just beat..
"I wrote last week that "I need to see one more strong performance from the Bills (including a win) to move them up my power rankings."

Well, they got their win, but they did their best to give the game away with two terrible turnovers in their own territory. Besides, it's impossible to know if E.J. Manuel would've put that game-winning drive together had the Panthers not lost half their defense to injuries."

Buffalo moves up three spots to 21
"Mario Williams had 4.5 sacks on Sunday -- a franchise record and a career-high."

CBS Sports:
25, moving up four spots still directly behind three 0-2 teams
" EJ Manuel is off to a good start as a rookie quarterback. He's proving me wrong in a big way"

With a hilarious pun Florio has the Bills moving up a strong one spot to 24.
"After years of toiling, the Bills could quickly benefit from some Manuel labor.  (Does acknowledging that one is a little cheesy make it any better?  I didn’t think so.) "

Yahoo! Sports:
22 up five spots, but that was not a shaky PI call, I call BS
"I like EJ Manuel, but let's not forget that if they don't get a pretty shaky pass interference call late against Carolina, they're 0-2 with two home losses."

Billick/Foxsports have the Bills the highest at 21 and ESPN has the Bills lowest at 26 for an average spot of 23.5

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