Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Week 2 Bills Power Rankings Compilation

A compilation of the Buffalo Bills power rankings from select sites heading into week 2:

Bills lose and they move ahead of Cleveland to claim #29
"Buffalo limited EJ Manuel's movement well in his return from knee surgery. Manuel was 18-for-25 for 150 yards and a pair of touchdowns out of the shotgun."

Bills move up one spot to 26
"I need to see one more strong performance from the Bills (including a win) to move them up my power rankings. A lot of weird stuff happened in that New England contest, including Stevan Ridley's non-contact fumble returned for a touchdown. Would Buffalo have been competitive if that never happened? I'm not so sure."

They start theirs now so Bills start at 25
"They know how to knock on the door.  They still can’t find the knob."

CBS Sports:
 "I liked EJ Manuel in college, even more at the Senior Bowl and was convinced after my camp visit that he was the real deal. The Bills will be dangerous in the second half of this season."

Fox Sports:
"The Bills move up 3 spots to 24 (with some sorta racism by default?)
EJ Manuel reminds me a lot of Steve McNair and Sunday was just a glimpse into the success he can have in this league. Not too many people can say they had Tom Brady on the ropes in their first career start.  "

Yahoo! Sports:
Moved to 2 spots to 27
"Part of their move up is that quarterback EJ Manuel looked healthy, and pretty good."

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