Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Buffalo Bills Week 4 Power Rankings Compilation

Here is a compilation of the Bills power rankings on the major sites after three games:

ESPN 24:
Despite an embarrassing performance against a bad Jets team these geniuses have the Bills moving up two spots..
"The league's fastest offense isn't in Philadelphia. The Bills are averaging 21.4 seconds per play, six seconds faster than the league average."

Walterfootball 26:
The Bills move down three spots, but did they quote Coast?
"I must have received a dozen e-mails/texts/Facebook messages this weekend all asking why C.J. Spiller sucks so much. I didn't get to answer them all, but the appropriate response should be: "He's a Buffalo Bill."

Oh, and I unearthed another old GameCenter quote:

Remach baby it's paid back time Bills 24 Jets 10

I'll be sure to follow this wise man's gambling advice the next time Buffalo and New York square off.  "

Fox Sports 21:
The Bills lose ugly on the road and Billick doesn't see any problem with that keeping them at the same spot.
"The Bills were just 4-of-18 on third downs and failed to score a touchdown on three trips in the red zone. They have to be more efficient."

Yahoo! Sports 23:
Not a big fall only one spot.
"There are some interesting pieces here. Middle linebacker Kiko Alonso looks like he was a great pick. There's a lot to like in this draft class. That's how you build a winner."

CBS Sports 24:
Ol' Petey also moves the Bills up after an ugly road loss.
"When you start a rookie passer, you will have games like they had against the Jets. This is a year about growing."

PFT 25:
A hilarious pun from Florio as he moves the Bills down a measly spot.
"Forgot about circling the wagons. After Sunday, the Bills need to circle the gurneys."

Average spot 23.8 with the highest spot being 21 by Fox and 26 being the lowest by Walterfootball.  Inexplicably the Bills moved up in two different polls.

Now a look at the latest Sports Betting Odds for the upcoming Baltimore Ravens at Buffalo Bills match up.  The line opened at Ravens -3.5 with the over under at 44.  The line hasn't moved since Monday other than the o/u fluctuating down a half point.  The Bills are 2-1 against the spread and have yet to be favored in a game in 2013.  There's always Cleveland and Jacksonville?  Ouch.


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