Thursday, October 2, 2014

Bills at Lions Preview Podcast

Steve and Coast review the disaster that was the Texans game and breakdown the decision to bench EJ Manuel for Kyle Orton. Ohhh and look forward to the Detroit Lions

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  1. Hahahaha.... Where to start.. I can't wait til ej 'manual' as coast likes to write in posts ends up being great and he has to listen to these last 2 embarassing podcasts. His pure hate and disgust for the guy is so incomprehensible it's mind boggling.. Just no way you can hate a person that much, let alone a quarterback in his second year leading your franchise. There has to be more to the story coast. What did this guy do to you? This move disgusts me.. Let this guy play.. Also, if I hear Stevie Johnson come out of coasts mouth one more time this season I'm tossing my iPhone.. That's a selfish washed up loser that never cared about the team.. He sucks.. Janis I think the national media disliked the watkins trade for the most part.. And a lot of the local media liked it.. At least the ones that know sports.. The guys an absolute stud.. Love the suh take and the 'stupid mouth' blast.. Just can't get over coasts pure hatred for Manuel