Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Week 6 Buffalo Bills Power Rankings Compilation

Lets take a look at what everyone thinks about the Bills after their second win as a 7+ point road dawg:

ESPN 18:
"This week's edition of "just like everyone expected" -- down 14 on the road, Kyle Orton and the Bills rattled off 17 straight points for a big win in Detroit."

Five point jump and a meaningless comment.  How are the lines 12th though?

CBS 19:
"Kyle Orton is 1-0 as the starter. Now comes a big one against the Patriots for the division lead."
Petesy Prisco has always been a hater only moving the Bills up four spots and he has the Lions five spots ahead of the Bills.  Oh and they play the Patriots this week.

NFL 22:
"What a performance by Kyle Orton in his first start for the Bills. Before the game, Ian Rapoport offered up some odd intel about Orton's departure from Dallas. We're guessing Tony Romo did not endorse Orton on LinkedIn."

The Bills move up one spot and are behind not one not two but three teams they've already beaten. HUH?????

Yahoo! 16:
"Kyle Orton played well, and he'll have a few games like that. Next week's home game against New England is big for a Week 6 tilt."

Another non believer seemingly although Buffalo was moved up eight spots.

PFT 14:
"Yes, sometimes the difference between winning and losing is the other team having a really crappy kicker"

not much credit but at least they are ahead if the Lions after beating them on the road.

Walterfootball 26:
" I have a feeling that Buffalo fans will be the next group of people to flood my comment board now that the Cincinnati backers have been silenced.

Speaking of angry people, Jim Schwartz may have finally been able to mellow out after beating his former team. I wanted to get Schwartz's reaction, so I sat down with him for an interview. Here's the transcript:

Me: Hey Jim, thanks for agreeing to the interview.

Schwartz: It's my pleasure, Walt. I've always sent tons of traffic your way, even when you were clamoring for my firing for several years. I love your work.

Me: Aww, thanks, Jim! Anyway, I was wondering how you feel about beating your former team.

Schwartz: It feels great, Walt. It's better than any sex or high I've experienced.

Me: That's great. So, how did you stymie Matthew Stafford, exactly? He struggled mightily, though I suppose Calvin Johnson's injury hurt him.

Schwartz: Yeah, that was an easy one. I snuck into Calvin Johnson's house the night before and bashed his foot with a hammer. I then knocked him unconscious so he wouldn't remember anything.

Me: Wow, that's pretty extreme.

Schwartz: Meh, it's OK. I also needed their kicker Alex Henery to screw up, so I kidnapped his wife and kids and told him that I'd decapitate them if he made any field goals.

Me: Uhh... that's kind of not cool.

Schwartz: Not cool? Those a**holes ran me out of town, Walt. The fans need to get their just desserts as well. That's why I've planted a dozen bombs around Detroit, and they're all set to go off sometime this week.

Me: Bombs!? Hold on, I'm getting a call.

Schwartz: Put down the phone, Walt. I saw you dial 9-1-1.

Me: No, I didn't, I swear!

Schwartz: You know too much. Prepare to meet my hammer of doom!

Me: No, Jim, put down the hammer, Jim! Put it down, Jim, put it down!!! "

You can always count on Walterfootball to pile on the hate even if he isn't very funny. Ha

Highest ranking is 14 lowest is 26.

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