Thursday, October 9, 2014

Buffalo Sabres 2014/15 Season Preview

By Steve

Is it June 2015 yet? Thats when the draft is right? Is anyone really anticipating this season with much fervor other than for a desire for the team to lose? (Well besides moron fanboy homers)

Then again I'm not totally convinced this team will be horrendous. Whilst the head coach is a moronic neanderthal who hates analytics, he does have a history of getting more out of less. That is concerning but the team was sooo bad last year it is difficult to fathom the team improving so much they aren't high in the lottery next year. Or is it?

Tim Murray is super cereal and knows he needs top end talent (of which the Sabres have little, at least on offense). The way to get top end talent is luck or high draft picks (as long as you don't look at Edmonton). But why did he bring in some whily old vets that have some talent?

I fear the team will be mediocre this year. Nothing will be worse than if the Buffalo Sabres (and the Islanders [ and the Blues for that matter]) are mediocre or better. Drafting 8th will not bring in a perennial All Star center. Drafting top 3 will.

The lemmings who buy hockey tickets around here will continue to any way so fuck em. Lose, lose, lose! I dont care if it is boring, pathetic or embarrassing. Finishing 10th is any way and it is worse.

For the love of god Nolan, do your job and lose. Then quit at the end of the season, find a young analytics-minded head coach and become a real NHL team in 15/16. Leggo

Prediction: Sabres finish 14th in the conference and will draft 5th.

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