Monday, October 6, 2014

MLB Total Wins Prediction Review

by Steve

Back in March I predicted the win totals of all 30 MLB teams, NL and AL, lets see how I did:

American League
4-1 with my only wrong prediction being the Orioles.

3-1-1 the Tigers were at exactly 90 wins and I was off on the Royals

3-1-1 again, the A's were exactly at 88 and Seattle surprised me.

National League
2-3 only ones I got right are the Nattys and Phillies

3-2 the Reds let me down and the Brewers were hot early.

3-2, Dodgers won by half a win and the Diamondbacks were atrocious.

In total 18-10-2!! Call me a genius, thank you see you next year!

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