Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Week 5 Buffalo Bills Power Rankings

What the expert power rankers are saying:

ESPN 23:
"EJ Manuel was 5-of-18 for 36 yards and two interceptions against at least five rushers Sunday. Manuel has a 2.3 Total QBR against the blitz this year (53.1 last year)."
Four spot drop and some useless Erik Manuel stats

CBS 23:
"The Bills have lost two straight and now must take a tough road trip to Detroit. Is it a trip back to reality?"
Another 4 spot drop and I have no clue what that comment means.  Weren't the last 2 games a trip back to reality already?

Yahoo 24:
"I don't agree with benching EJ Manuel. If it's close (and while Manuel hasn't been good, we all know Kyle Orton won't be good either), then you go with the young guy and hope he improves. There's no upside with Orton, now or later."

6 spot plunge but some actual insight and opinion.  Why do all the local guys love the qb change and the national guys hate it? :

Walterfootball 28:
" - The Twitter account @buffalorumblings summed up the Bills' season quite well in a single tweet:

"I think it needs to be said: Kyle Orton was signed less than a month ago and fans are CLAMORING to see what he's got. Says a lot.""

Only a two spot drop and a tweet from a rival, ouch.

PFT 21:
"Quarterback change now, coaching change later."
No faith in Kyle Orton or Doug Marrone.. hmm 3 spot drop but the highest of any other site. 23:
"Massive drop, based on consecutive uninspired performances and the sudden decision to bail on EJ Manuel. While I understand the coaching staff's position, I have my own take on what Buffalo is and isn't doing regarding its young quarterback -- click here to see what it is.

The Bills' defense has certainly played well enough to win. They have allowed opponents to post just 16.5 offensive points per game -- so don't put J.J. Watt's great play (and Manuel's blunder) on them."

huge drop down twelve slots. And no i'm not clicking on your other links.

Highest 21 lowest 28, best comment from and dumbest from Walterfootball.

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