Friday, October 10, 2014

Patriots at Bills Preview

By Steve

We all know what time it is. The Bills are ready for their bi-annual ass whooping by Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and the Cheatriots. Here we go again, right?

The Bills and New England have the same record 3-2, a top a weak AFC East. The Pats just throttled the Bengals in prime time and the Bills just won as 7 point dawgs at the Lions. Buf is 1-0 in division beating the Dolphins and N.E. is 0-1 with a loss to the same phins. Seemingly this game, if the names were different, would be a game the Bills would be favored.

But the Patriots are -3 because they are 24-2, twenty-four AND TWO in the last 13 seasons against the Bills. How is that possible? Well, for one, their qb has 3 rings and plays in championship games like I take shits (regularly) and our QB recently retired, smokes cigars and has a mustache.

Sure I wanted to pile on and say the cheatriots were done after losing badly to the Chiefs two weeks ago like everyone else. But I know better. I've been to more than half of those previous 26 games. I've been to Foxboro with my Fuck da Patriots shirt. I used to remember every defeat.

But after twenty or so defeats, the games have started to blend together. The Bills are close and choke, they blow big leads, they give just enough to dash our hopes. Sure the game at home in 2012 was euphoric but it was an outlier. It barely matters at this point.

Basically, I'm not burying the New Englanders until they are on fire with knives in their eyes their heart in my hand and heads on sticks Jason style. To be the man you have to beat the man.

Despite a nice win last week, a seemingly solid defense and a few playmakers on offense I dont have faith. QB v QB, coach v coach both huge advantages for NE.

When the Bills can run Belichick stacks the box, when the Bills can pass they blitz. When the Bills secondary owns, running backs I barely know have 100 yard games, when we have a solid front seven, receivers run buck wild in the secondary. Basically, they figure it out, adjust and beat us.

Sorry, I can't predict a win. With a win the scene will be better than in '12 but even if they lose the season isn't over.

The Bills have the easiest schedule in the league left based on winning %. The Patriots after the Jets (on Thursday) face Cutlet, Manning, Luck, Rodgers and Rivers in a row! So its not a must win but it is the biggest game of the season and could turn the tide on a 14 year playoff drought.

29-24 Cheatriots.

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