Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Week 9 Buffalo Bills Power Rankings Compilation

After a resounding victory over the Jets do the Bills get any respect from the national media?

ESPN 16:
"The Jets blitzed Kyle Orton at the highest rate of Orton's season Sunday, and Orton finished 6-of-8 for 184 yards and three touchdowns against at least five rushers."

No movement from ESPN but some what useful stat about Orton.

CBS 20:
"Kyle Orton has really helped this team. Can he keep it up?"

A giant 2 spot leap but still behind the Dolphins, Giants and Steelers.  Kyle Orton is the QB evidently too

Yahoo 15:
"Kyle Orton's production is huge for the Bills, and it really shows how bad E.J. Manuel was before he was benched."

No change in their ranking and a nice shot at ol' Erik Manuel

PFT 14:
"14. Buffalo Bills (No. 14; 5-3):  Sammy Watkins‘ premature celebration could end up being a metaphor for his team’s 2014 season."

This hurts because it is true.  Again no change.

NFL 16:
"Buffalo fans tweeted me last week to say they didn't know which Kyle Orton they would get drive to drive, much less week to week. I think the Bills Mafia will take four touchdowns and no picks. In other news, Sammy Watkins pulled a Leon Lett, and appropriately got Beebe'd. #footballgods"

Another unchanged ranking and a nice Super Bowl 27 (or 28) reset

Walterfootball 21:
21. Buffalo Bills (5-3). Previously: #22

No comments from Walt this week but the Bills are behind 2 teams they've beat but ahead of the Browns!

Overall no one thought the win over the Jets was important.  But if you knew the history you were think it meant something.  The Jets do suck though.  Highest 14 lowest 21

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