Monday, April 19, 2010

Boston Bruins 2 Buffalo Sabres 1 F

by Steve

Holy shit that was a boring game. Good thing Darcy Regier loves small quick useless forwards and would never consider picking up a player in his late 30's or early 40's that has played hundreds of playoff games ala Mark Recchi. But we have the "best goalie in the world" haha.

This series is pretty much over. No one can score. Paul Guastad and Adam Mair are our go to big men centers in the final minutes of a close game. Pretty much the same as Drury and Briere though right?

The Sabres scored the first goal and didn't do a fuckin thing for the next 50 minutes when they found themselves losing. Connolly no showed. Sekera was abysmal. But hey Lindy Ruff is a great great coach that can't be questioned. Tyler Ennis might have been the best player on the team tonight and that is pathetically sad.

I see a lot of first or if they're lucky second round bouncings in the next several years with this core group of players. They are weak whether it is physically or psychologically. Can anyone tell me why Kaleta barely saw the ice the entire game?

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  1. Why is Paul Gaustad in the NHL?