Friday, April 16, 2010

MUST Draft QB in Round One


I am sick of this linebacker/defensive lineman garbage with the 9th pick in the draft. I understand, defense wins championships and all that but it isn't an accident that 95 percent of teams that make the playoffs every year have good quarterbacks. The exceptions? Those teams with defenses that rank in the top 5 in nearly every single defensive category.

Last year, the Jets ranked 1st in total defense, 1st in pass defense, 8th in rushing defense and 1st in points per game. The Ravens ranked 3rd, 8th, 5th and 3rd in those same categories. The other 10 playoff teams had quarterbacks named Brady, Manning, Palmer, Rivers, Romo, Favre, Brees, Warner, Rodgers and McNabb.

The starting quarterbacks (that played the majority of the season) from the Super Bowl champions since 1990 are Simms, Rypien, Aikman, Aikman, Young, Aikman, Favre, Elway, Elway, Warner, Dilfer, Brady, Johnson, Brady, Brady, Roethlisberger, Manning, Manning (Eli), Roethlisberger and Brees. Of these, all are or will probably be hall of famers except three...Rypien, Dilfer and Brad Johnson.

The defensive rankings of the 1991 Washington Redskins led by Mark Rypien were 2nd in points allowed and 3rd in yards allowed. For the 2000 Baltimore Ravens led by Trent Dilfer ranked 1st and 2nd in yards allowed and points allowed. Finally, the 2002 Tampa Bay Buccaneers, led by Brad Johnson, ranked 1st in points and 1st in yards allowed.

My point: 10 out of 12 of last years playoff teams had stud QBs. 85% of the last 20 super bowl champions had stud QBs. The only way to succeed if you don't have one is to have an all time great defense. The Bills do not have an all time great defense and even great defenses win the Super Bowl 15% of the time.

THE BILLS NEED A QUARTERBACK. I have been saying it since the season ended and will keep saying it. We could have gone out and got McNabb-we didn't. We could have made a play for Vick or Kolb-we didn't. There really is no one else there worth a shit. That brings us to the draft. Sam Bradford will definitely be gone by the time we draft, although it is possible Jimmy Clausen will be on the board. If he is, we HAVE to draft him, period, no questions asked.

The following is a list of all first round quarterbacks taken since 1998, the year Peyton Manning was drafted.
  • Peyton Manning, 1998
  • Ryan Leaf, 1998
  • Tim Couch, 1999
  • Donovan McNabb, 1999
  • Akili Smith, 1999
  • Daunte Culpepper, 1999
  • Cade McNown, 1999
  • Chad Pennington, 2000
  • Michael Vick, 2001
  • David Carr, 2002
  • Joey Harrington, 2002
  • Patrick Ramsey, 2002
  • Carson Palmer, 2003
  • Byron Leftwich, 2003
  • Kyle Boller, 2003
  • Rex Grossman, 2003
  • Eli Manning, 2004
  • Philip Rivers, 2004
  • Ben Roethlisberger, 2004
  • JP Losman, 2004
  • Alex Smith, 2005
  • Aaron Rodgers, 2005
  • Jason Campbell, 2005
  • Vince Young, 2006
  • Matt Leinart, 2006
  • Jay Cutler, 2006
  • Jamarcus Russell, 2007
  • Brady Quinn, 2007
  • Matt Ryan, 2008
  • Joe Flacco, 2008
  • Matt Stafford, 2009
  • Mark Sanchez, 2009
  • Josh Freeman, 2009
In bold are the quarterbacks that are officially busts in my opinion. In italics are the quarterbacks that it is too early to tell and the rest have had success in the NFL. Other than the 4 who need more time to prove themselves, I believe that 13 out of the 29 other QBs are busts. That means we would have about a 16 out of 29 or 55% chance of hitting on a first round quarterback. TAKE A SHOT AT CLAUSEN AT 9. We would have a better than 50/50 chance at getting a quarterback who could actually be successful in this league. Also, we already whiffed on 1 so we are due to hit.

We do not have a single quarterback on our roster that is worth being better than 3rd string. Trent Edwards is my least favorite NFL player in history. Ryan Fitzpatrick is the most inaccurate QB in the NFL, college and ECIC section VI. Brian Brohm, a former 2nd round pick, was basically given away by Green Bay because a 7th round pick from the same draft is better. We need to try get a legitimate quarterback, and the draft is our only hope.


  1. you can't get blood from a stone, there is no qb talent in this draft coste, wake the fuck up


  2. coast stfu were due to hit on one????? thats the dumbest shit ive ever heard in my life.. trade a 4th for jason campbell baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  3. all day i'd take campbell, what rookie is ever good without a great defense? last i checked there is no pro football it syracuse. he is an idiot

    therei s no manning in this draft


  4. There is no qb talent in this draft? ok do you even know? I don't give a shit about being good this year. We don't have a prayer of being good this year. Draft a QB and hope he is good in 3 years. Jason Campbell? ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!??! You guys are morons. We have the same chance of succeeding whether it be Campbell or Tim Tebow. Campbell is a bum, there is a reason why Washington is giving up on him at age like 27 for a 34 year old. Seriously, CAMPBELL? That makes me sick.


  5. "Also, we already whiffed on 1 so we are due to hit." Gambler's fallacy right here, and exactly the sort of logic that a balls to the wall shooter like Ol' Slingblade might employ. Love it

  6. It's time to straighten you hacks out.

    First of all, this isn't the second coming of the 1983 NFL Draft. Bradford, Clausen, and McCoy aren't Elway, Kelly, and Marino. Speaking of which, if we draft Tebow in the first round I'm going to kill myself. If we draft Tebow in any round I may still contemplate suicide.

    Coast, you wouldn't take Jason Campbell at this point? "Campbell? I'd take Campbell. As much as I hate Campbell, I'd take Campbell over Trent Edwards." Janis, you'd take him all day? "Campbell is the worst quarterback, possibly in NFL history." One of the shortcomings of the podcasts. To set the record straight once and for all, Jason Campbell is not an NFL quarterback. Jason Campbell was the product of a decent program at Auburn and was lucky as fuck to have Ronnie Brown and Carnell "Cadillac" Williams in the backfield.

    Now to my point. THE BILLS NEED OFFENSIVE LINEMEN. What good is drafting a potentially elite quarterback when we have such an abysmal offensive line? Coast listed a shitload of great quarterbacks. Do you think they're good based on raw talent? They're also good because they have hog mollies that are studs protecting them. Our offensive line is terrible. There's a reason why we can't establish the run game ever. And it isn't because of Marshawn Lynch. He's gonna get traded and put up 1500 rushing yards somewhere else. Stamp it.

    While I understand people wanting to draft someone on the other side of the ball, our offense is in much worse shape than our defense. There's no arguing that. Why did we lose so many games (besides having Dick Jauron for half the season) in 2009? Because our offense was never on the field and our defense just got gassed. Has anyone forgotten about the Texans game when we had the ball for 20:52? I'm not saying we have an "all-time great defense." I'm just saying that our defense is all right and that we need to keep our offense on the field longer.

    Now you guys are probably thinking of the whole Jason Peters controversy. I still have no idea why we traded a Pro Bowl tackle. It doesn't make any sense, but nothing this organization does makes any sense. If we drafted a tackle ninth overall, I'd be sick to my stomach but I'd eventually get over it. I'd rather we beef up the offensive line and draft a quarterback down the road. Else we're going to waste our pick, throw a rookie to the dogs, and go 0-16 with Gomer Gailey (who I still don't believe is an NFL coach).

    Our best bet is to draft an offensive lineman and hope the lockout happens.

  7. Coast more like Toast


    ur next quarterback of the buffalo bills!!!!!!!!!1

  9. haha rash is the biggest wnywatercooler fan of all time holy moly. i have flip flopped on campbell i will admit but c'mon qb isn't that big a need. we need defense. coast more like toast hahah

    t-minus 5 days till the draft colt mccoy don't plan anything for saturday that's when you'll be drafted

  10. QB isn't that big of a need? Get your head checked. Anyone who doesn't think QB is the number one need has some serious problems. Anyone who thinks Jason Campbell is the answer has even bigger problems. Embarrassing.


  11. Offensive lineman don't matter. Defensive tackles don't matter. Look at the Rams drafting Chris Long/Carriker/Smith none of those guys matter. Suh is getting a lot of hype for being irrelevant. You know who else dominated in college Glen Dorsey how's he doing? Get fat people late in the drafts get Clausen. The notion that an offensive lineman can play right away but a QB can't is ridiculous. The Bills missed on Losman so they can't draft a QB? Well why draft a lineman they missed on Wood so they should play it safe and draft a DB from Ohio St. No offensive or defensive lineman is ever worth a 1st rd pick. It's a QB/Passing league if people want to believe games are won by running and defense they're lost. Grow up Peter Pan.

  12. you can draft a quarterback in the third round. im not sold on any of these qb's. take a qb in the second or third that we can mold and have fit into our system.