Saturday, April 17, 2010

Boston Bruins 5 Buffalo Sabres 3 F

by Steve

UH OH! Thomas Vanek gets purposely slashed on the leg, out for the game, and the Sabres curl up in the fetal position and quit? He has a "lower body injury" whatever the hell that means and missed 40+ minutes in the game. At the time the Sabres were up 2-0 and cruising. Maybe he means more to the team than he gets credit for, or the Sabres psyche is that of a little bitch. Either way they choked away a game they had in the bag.

Buffalo had a ton of chances in this game to bury the Bruins in the first and failed to do so. There were goats and a few shining players in the game but over all it was a complete failure of a game. Buffalo didn't register a shot in the 3rd until eight plus minutes in. Two quick Bruin goals on two shots mid way through the third was the death knell.

Basically the entire team was invisible after the first but more glaring was the absence of Torres, Kennedy and Grier. They were useless. Miller didn't have his best game. Connolly didn't do much. Pominville had a goal but wasn't noticed much after that. The power play came up empty again.

Roy had a strong game but he's too small to really matter enough. Why was the 4th line out there with less than 4 minutes left? Ennis has one bad pass and seemingly sat the rest of the game?

If Vanek is out long term this team is in major trouble. Maybe it was just the shock of losing him in this game but something needs to change of this team is going to do anything the rest of the post season.

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