Friday, April 2, 2010

MLB 2010 preview: NL West

by Steve

Your waiting with bated breath for the NL West preview can come to a safe end, here it is:

Colorado Rockies wins 91
The questions surrounding Troy Tulowitzki and whether it was a one year wonder or sophomore slump seem to be quelled. He is the real deal. The rest of the team however appears to be average(Stewart, Iannetta, Fowler, Barmes) or on the downside of above average (Helton, Hawpe). The real wild card however is RF Carlos Gonzalez. The one time hot prospect is still hot but on his third team and already 24. He needs to prove the hype this season. Another rising star is young ace Ubaldo Jimenez, don't sleep on him this season.

Question Mark
Is the rotation strong enough to push for the division?

Exclamation Point
Expect some snowy playoff baseball again in Denver

Los Angeles Dodgers wins 90
This team one through eight is solid if not great. The kids, Kemp, Either, Loney proved they didn't need another big bat like Man-Ram to win in the National League. For this team to compete for a division and beyond they need more from Russ Martin, Man-ram to play every day, and/or have Belliard and Furcal not deteriorate. Wait, who is their #5 in the rotation??!

Question Mark
Why did management believe having Vicente Padilla as their 2010 ace was sufficient?

Exclamation Point
McCourt's divorce may be ruining a spectacular nucleus

Arizona Diamondbacks wins 82
Does this team age? The entire lineup seems to be all young dudes that have some how been around 4 or 5 years. LaRoche and Kelly Johnson as their veterans is a major cause for concern. Miguel Montero is one of the more underrated young catchers in baseball. Former White Sox CF Chris Young is beyond puzzling. Was he on roids, just a head case, or not 100% committed? Also it is a make or break year for Conor Jackson in right. The rotation is in trouble if Edwin Jackson doesn't bounce back.

Question Mark
How long will Brandon Webb be out for?

Exclamation point
Justin Uptin got paid!

San Francisco Giants wins 82
This team is either built to win now or never. Rowand, Huff, Derosa, Renteria, Sanchez, how many decently good seasons can they have left? Pablo Sandoval was the darling of 2010 but he needs to prove it wasn't a one year streak of luck. God damn this rotation is stacked though. Cain, Lincecum and Zito are a great 1-2-3 for a mid major market team. Nate Schierholtz could have a big season.

Question Mark
Anyone remember Jonathan Sanchez's no hitter?

Exclamation Point
the Giants have won the most games of any team in the history of baseball

San Diego Padres wins 69
Another divorce in the NL West could derail an entire franchise? Over under 7/15/10 the day Adrian Gonzalez is traded. At least the youth movement got started in '09. Chase Hudley is the real deal, but does anyone know who the hell Kyle Blanks or Will Venable are?

Question Mark
How long is it going to take to rebuild this mess?

Exclamation Point
Jon Garland is their ace over Chris Young


  1. Edwin Jackson bouncing back after his best season? Chris Young always has been a low percentage hitter. Jon Garland should thrive in SD as should any pitcher. Clayton Kershaw should be the ace of the Dodgers. The lipstick is off the pig that is Manny Ramirez he's a fraud and the Dodgers would be better without him.

  2. edwin jackson's septembe and october era was astronomical, he pitched well up until then. stfu