Monday, April 26, 2010

Buffalo Sabres: There's Always Next Year

by Steve

Or at least that's the motto of Darc/Quinny/Lindy. You know those three ass clowns will be back as will Roy, Stafford, Connolly, and Rivet. What a pathetic bunch of losers.

The Sabres got out hit out scored and out classed at the least opportune times throughout this series. What Sabre fan saw this team losing in six games? Self destructing on both the power play and the penalty kill was just icing on the cake.

Miller played decent throughout but didn't get a lot of help from the likes of Sekera, Myers, Captain d bag Rivet et al, gruesome. How do you not score one power play goal in six games?

Good thing Darc traded for studs like Raffi Torres while hanging on to the likes of Mair, Ellis and Gaustad all season. Who needs a whiley vet like Mark Recchi when you can plug in Cody McCormick?

My question is who will be the first to use Vanek's injury as an excuse for why they lost this series? My bet is Ruff with a side wager on Millsey. The same guy that under achieved nearly the entire season and has zero track record of success in the playoffs is the sole reason this team lost?

But hey the top six forwards are all signed long term and the nucleus of "the greatest goalie in the world"/$6 million man Millsey along with Ruff Roy and Vanek is bound to bounce back next year.

Getting bounced in the first round after winning the division is tough to swallow. But the worst of all is that all these ass hats will be back next year doing the exact same shit. But hey, heck of a regular season fellas! Ugh


  1. I know... shit... they're almost as bad as the Bills.

  2. epic podcast coming up

  3. r u fuckkkingggg kiddidng me boyss?????????? losing to the boston bruins????/ what a fucking embarassment for the fucking city.. im driving down southwestern yesterday during the 2nd and im guarnteeing that 50-62% of the people had the fuckign game on... teachers lettting kids out earlyy... peeeps zooming around in their whips to see the end of the 2nd... how many fucking peeps in the city of boston made it a point to have the game on or stay home with a 12 pack of steveweisers and watch tuuka rash?? 25 percent maybe?????/ this is fucking hockeytown and we dont even show up to play.. who saw mair standing there like a pussy at the end of the 2nd/?? i could go on all fuking day but this is retardeed... no1 cares about hcokey anyways but peep s in buff fml lets go bisons?????

  4. So the whole team sucks but they choked? If everybody is as bad as perceived then they overachieved.