Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Kiper and McShay's latest Buffalo Bills mock

ESPN Insider only:

Todd McShay/Scout's Inc

Anthony Davis OT Rutgers

McShay: QB Jimmy Clausen is certainly in consideration but the Bills are in no position to start a rookie quarterback behind their existing offensive line. Davis needs to be motivated and his weight must be monitored, but we would argue he's the best pure pass-blocker in the 2010 crop.

Wow, if motivation and weight are mentioned about a first round pick WTF is any team doing considering this guy, especially in the top 10. Mike Williams anyone?

Mel Kiper Jr
Brian Bulaga OT Iowa

Kiper: The Bills need to keep whoever's throwing the ball upright, and Bulaga has the chance to be a good pass-protector at this level. I think the Bills would be thrilled to see Trent Williams available here, but in Bulaga, they have a chance to get a player at No. 9 that could go even higher. I think they simply take the best tackle on the board here.

More likely a RT in the NFL ? Ehhh. But this unanimous OT decision by these two 'experts' has me wildly nervous. An offensive tackle this high is a waste and clearly proves the decision to trade Jason Peters was the blunder of the decade. And that is an extensive blunder list.


  1. janis who do u want?? ray lewis?? haloti ngatas are only on the board every couple years and we dont get em cuz we make dumbass picks

  2. best nose tackle available. it isn't a reach if it fills a need from day one


  3. Nose tackle are you fucking kidding me? Get a difference maker.

  4. Williams, who appears to be a reach but will garner plenty of attention over the next few picks because he's the only legitimate first-round nose tackle in this class...

    That is the bum you want? 0-16 with a move like that but at least Gailey and Nix would be canned