Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Week 5 Bills Power Ranking Compilation

What follows is a list of the power rankings for the Buffalo Bills by six major websites and their comments after week 4 of the NFL:

Walterfootball 23 :
The Bills move up three spots with a backhanded compliment sorta..

"The Bills have two fluky home wins, but they're two victories nonetheless. I can't make fun of them this week"

ESPN 23:
The Bills move up one spot (albeit they are still behind the Panthers) but a salient point is actually made.

"The Bills are averaging 152 rushing yards per game so far, second-most in the league, but have twice as many fumbles as anyone else (six). Cleveland is next on Thursday."

FoxSports 20:
The Bills move up one spot and a throwback running back gets a little dap.

"The Bills had 55 rushing attempts in an upset win over the Ravens on Sunday. That's their most rushing attempts since Darick Holmes and Thurman Thomas split 56 carries in 1996."

PFT 18:
The Bills make a huge move up the power rankings (seven spots) with a nice crack back of Stevie Johnson.

"After that win over the Ravens, Stevie Johnson said Ed Reed wasn’t able to cover him."

CBS Sports 24:
Petey Prisco still hating but moved the Bills up a whopping two spots.

"They are doing enough on offense to win some games. The defense came up huge against the Ravens."

Yahoo! Sports 22:
A one point jump followed by generic statement.

"Good for them to get five interceptions against Baltimore. Not so impressive to be holding on for dear life at home at the end despite getting five interceptions."

The Bills average spot for the week was 21.6 (22?) with the highest being 18 by PFT and the lowest being 24 by CBS.

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