Sunday, October 6, 2013

Bills Fail to Sign Freeman, Tank the Season

by Steve

Josh Freeman to Minnesota, probably Pat White to Buffalo, three sell outs, four black outs and another waste of a season for the Buffalo Bills.

With Mr. injury prone the only capable quarterback on the Bills roster and a complete failure from the top on down to sign Freeman the only question to be answered is who is running this pathetic franchise, Al Davis?  Holy shit.

The Bills are an absolute joke.  They knew that Erik James Manuel was injury prone and had zero chance to play 16 games.  So what was their plan?  Jeff Tuel? WTF?  Jeez.

The AFC East is a joke and so are the Bills.  They have wasted yet another season finishing 6-10ish with zero hope and less reason for existence. What is the point of rooting for this franchise, Jeff Tuel?

Not signing Freeman is more disappointing than Manuel getting hurt because that was inevitable.  The only thing to look forward to is the hope that moron "GM" Doug Whaley has enough foresight to draft Keith Price in the second round next year.


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