Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Buffalo Bills After 6 Weeks

By Steve

The Buffalo Bills after six weeks are 2-4 and behind schedule in terms of wins, development and growth. Even as pessimistic as I am I had this team at 3-3 right now. Noe they have 4 straight L's stairing them in the face and their rookie first round pick is injury prone and out 6 more weeks. Ouch.

First the good, because this will be brief:

Kiko Alonso appears to be a great second round pick. He makes plays, runs around like a mad man and is in line for defensive ROY.

The offense is scoring, for the most part. They are 16th in total offense (yards) 17th in PPG and 2nd in plays from scrimage.  Nate Hackett has left a lot to be desired but the offense is playing admirably especially considering they have used 3 different quarterbacks, have no good wide receivers and both running backs are banged up.

Now the bad:

The defense is gruesome. They made the likes of the Bengals and Browns look like the 2013 Broncos. The Bengals matched their scoring average 17 minutes into the game last Sunday. Brandon Weeden yes that Weeden came in after a Brian Hoyer first quarter injury and drove the Browns up and down the field seemingly at will. The Bills lost both games.

EJ Manuel looked decent in his 4.5 games but its tough to argue he has been a bit of a dissapointment. He has hurt his knee twice in two months, has lost to fellow rookie (and my prefered pick) Geno Smith while being out played badly and has struggle with his down field accuracy. Moreover, he is scheduled to be out at least four more weeks just about washing out his rookie season. Don't get me wrong he has shown promise but he may need to beat out Thad Lewis just to get back in the line up if he's ever healthy again.

The wide receivers are horrible. I pointed this out all offseason that the wr position was a huge hole on offense. Stevie Johnson gets hurt every single game and even when he plays (20 254 2tds) he hasn't been effective. Robert Woods shows flashes but where has he been the last two weeks (7 73 0 tds) when SJ13 was ailing? They need to go WR in multiple rounds in next years draft.

Doug Marrone. The guy has shown why he was a head coach in a lowly conference in a mediocre football program. He is in over his head. Useless challenges, questionable decision making and has lost double the games he's won. This organization is stuck with him for at least another 26 games or so so oh well.

How can anyone, at this point, not be dissapointed? The Bills have lost games they should have won and are a bad 2-4 football team. It seems like the more things change the more they stay the same. Its not to say there havent been bright spots or that there havent been excuses (like a ton of injuries) but this team has been a let down. The schedule gets much worse before it gets better and this team might be in for a free fall starting on Sunday. How does 0-3 in the division sound?

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