Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Bills After 7 Weeks

By Steve

Thaddy Daddy wins a division game on the road in his second start thirteen days from being on the practice squad? Rare.

Why is Jeff Tuel still on the roster? Why was he on the roster to begin with? Who would have thought the Bills would have 3x more wins than the Sabres at this point?

Doug Marrone and Natty Daddy Hackett still haven't earned the benefit of the doubt but the Bills are (vaguely) in the playoff hunt, have scored at least 20 points in every game and are no longer a laughing stock. Shit, even Mario Williams is silencing critics.

However, things aren't all roses and blow jobs yet. Buffalo has yet to blow anyone out causing us to change our underwear after every game and they have L's to Clev, Cinci and NYJ. Not to mention N.O. and KC are stairing them in the face over the next ten days (combined 12-1). Moreover, the rb's are all banged up and Stevie Johnson is no no. 1 but there are glimmers of hope.

Thaddeius is not the answer at qb but appears to be an adequate place holder until Mr. injury Erik James returns (11/17 hopefully). The guy can throw the ball down field, runs a decent read option and hasn't made an egregious error. I don't hate the guy!

If the defense continues to make plays the Bills will continue to be in most games.  After the aints there isn't an unwinnable game left on the schedule.

The Bills have new expectations. I expect this team to compete for a playoff spot until the last day of the season. Yes the coach is a bit lost some times, Hackett leaves us scratching our head a lot and the receivers suck but this team isn't the Chan Gailey Bills.

True they haven't been favored in a game yet this season and won't be for another month but this team has some swag.  Of course it is quite possible I will regret this post when they get boat raced in the next three games but I might bench the negativity until that happens. Leggo

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