Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Reviewing my 2013 MLB Predictions

by Steve

As you all remember I picked the total number of wins over or under based on the line from Vegas.  Since the season is over and the one game wild card playoff format is dumb as fuck lets see how I did in my predictions.

NL East
Ouch, 1-4 with only the Mets as my win in this division and only that was by half a point.

NL Central
Bounce back! Went 3-2 and was let down big time by the Brewers.

NL West
Went 3-2 but exactly picked the record of the Diamondbacks at 81-81, amazing!  Also I won some of these by half a win, shit Vegas is smart.

AL East
3-2 yet again and didn't have enough faith in Joe Maddon, damn.

AL Central
Wow, 1-4, and Gardenhire got an extension?

AL West
2-3 because I didn't think it was possible for Houston to lose 111 games.

Total record 13-17
Damn, not to mention my "lock" the Twins, weren't even close.
At least I had the gumption to post this, right?

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