Monday, October 7, 2013

Bills Name Thad Lewis Starter, WTF?

by Steve

Did I open my eyes this morning to a nightmare of which I can't escape or is this a sick joke?  The Bills genius front office and coaching staff are in love with the "read option" but they also love Jeff Tuel.  The Dougs and Co are in love with EJ Manuel but don't draft him at the first opportunity.  They know he is injury prone but they don't try to attain a competent back up. Manuel gets hurt and they say they are going to bring in a quarterback from outside the organization.

Do I have all of that correct?  So then what do they do?  They bypass Jeff Tuel, (their alleged boy) bring up a practice squader named Thaddy "Daddy" Lewis and name him the starter on Monday after they fail to sign Josh Freeman? Huh?

Why is Jeff Tuel on the team?  Why did the Bills aggressively (allegedly) try to sign Freeman and bring in other QBs (Pat White, Dennis Dixon) then magically come to the conclusion that the answer to their QB problem was right there at OBD from the beginning?

If this whole situation doesn't reek of incompetency I don't know what does.  Even if Thaddy Daddy is the best option "because he knows the system already" (of which I disagree) why was Jeff Tuel ever included on the 53 man roster and continued (and continues) to keep a roster spot?  Jeff Tuel doesn't run the read option, he is a nobody, and would not be signed by anyone.

How many snaps does anyone think Lewis took with the first team players?  My guess is zero.  How many second string snaps has Lewis taken during practice?  My guess is zero.  You are telling me no other QB out there could not hand the ball off and throw some normal passes (ie not the read option) ?

The only real questions at this point are, a.) what quarterback(s) do the Bills draft next year b.) will Manuel every play 10+ games in a season ever c.) who are some GM/coach options in three years d.) is Kevin Sumlin + John Manziel a viable option in 2014?

 Thaddy Daddy 6'2 220 25 years old, played 47 games in college only missing one in four seasons from 06-09, started one game for the Browns in the NFL.

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