Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Week 6 Buffalo Bills Power Rankings Compilation

by Steve

Here are our "favorite" websites and their week 6 Bills power rankings

Walter football 30:
A nice seven spot drop from last week, but did Tuel go to Duke?

"I'm dropping the Bills to No. 30 because E.J. Manuel will be out for at least six weeks and may not be effective when he returns. Jeff Tuel stepped in and was so horrendous that Buffalo is opting to start someone named Thaddeus Lewis this weekend.

To illustrate how awful Tuel was, forum member HappyDays had this to say: "Jeff Tuel is my least favorite Bills player of all time. What a whiny little p***y dip****. Spoiled rich white Duke ******."

Tuel was pretty bad. He spent the entire time crying and complaining to the coaching staff and officials. It seemed like he was some rich, trust-fund kid who was told he couldn't have a Rolls-Royce for his 16th birthday."

ESPN 23:
No movement here and some Thaddy Daddy stats
"Thad Lewis' only career start wasn't terrible. Lewis was 22-of-32 for 204 yards, a touchdown and interception in a 24-10 loss to the Steelers as a Brown last year."

Fox Sports 23:
Three spot drop with a crack on ol' Tuel
"Let's hope Thad Lewis is better than Jeff Tuel because that wasn't even fun to watch."

CBS Sports 26 :
Rhetorical question and a three spot drop, but god damn that video auto playing is unbearable.
"The quarterback situation isn't good with EJ Manuel out. Is the season done?"

PFT 24:
Six spot drop and a quick quip.
"They say if you have two quarterbacks, you don’t have any.  The Bills say please shut the hell up about that."

Yahoo Sports 28 :
Six spot drop and doom and gloom for Thaddy Daddy.
"Sorry for this low ranking, because there are some things to like about this team. But it's going to get ugly with Thad Lewis at quarterback."

Average spot after five games is 25.66666666666.  Highest ranking is 23 and lowest is 30. Again Walterfootball with the longest comment, I'll take it!.


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