Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Week 7 Bills Power Rankings Compilation

Here is the Bills week 7 power rankings comp. from our "favorite" websites:

Walter football 30:
No change from our boy Walt with a crack again at ol' Tuel

"I dropped the Bills to No. 30 last week because E.J. Manuel was declared out for at least six weeks. He may not be effective when he returns anyway. Thaddeus Lewis handled himself well, but now he's hurt. The poor Bills may have to turn to Matt Flynn. Anyone but Jeff Tuel, who hasn't left his room in protest recently because his parents decreased his allowance from $50,000 to $49,000 per week."

ESPN 25:
The Bills drop two spots but obviously the person that left this comment did not watch the game:

"Thad Lewis had 233 yards of offense and three touchdowns Sunday, but one lost fumble on a scramble was the difference. A Bengals touchdown nine plays later hurt in a three-point loss."

Fox Sports 22:
The Bills move up a spot and Billick continues to love this team for some reason:

"The Bills have four losses by an average of just 6.3 points. No one is going to want to play the Bills when they are healthy."

CBS Sports 28:
Down two spots with two rhetorical questions:

"When do the quarterback problems end? Is anybody left to start?"

PFT 24:
 No change in position but some Matt Flynn hate which I like:

 "There are bad quarterback situations, and then there are quarterback situations so bad that Matt Flynn gets a spot on the depth chart."

Yahoo! Sports 27:
A one spot jump with a lot of positivity:

"The record doesn't matter. Bills fans should be very excited what is happening with this team. A foundation is being set. They just need to be patient and let it grow."

The Bills average spot this week was 26 with the best comment coming from Walterfootball and the least valuable coming from ESPN, so basically no surprises.

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