Monday, September 29, 2014

Bills end the EJ Manuel Era

By Steve

Sixteenth overall pick, fourteen starts, twenty games on an NFL roster, a novice head coach and offensive coordinator a .500 2014 record and Erik James Manuel career with the Buffalo Bills is over.

Can anyone picture a scenario where Manuel is ever the Bills starter again outside of injury? Benching Erik for Kyle "i dont want to play for Dallas so I'm going to retire [p.s. that happened in 2014]" Orton ends his career. Orton retired earlier this year, he wasn't on an NFL roster in late August and is about as athletic as Scott Chandler. Ouch.

Is four games and a 2-2 record really enough to bench your healthy QB you drafted in the first round two years ago? The move reeks of panic. Sure some players might be frustrated about the QB play but to say Manuel is the only reason the Bills lost Sunday in Houston is a lie.

The Texans knew that Fred Jackson swing pass was coming, the coach doesn't know how to use time outs or prepare his players to use time outs. The play calling is beyond confounding. At the end of the first half when the clock ran out, that sequence of decisions and play calls were nothing short of shocking. Sure passing to Bobby Woods was horrible but all the WRs ran routes within 5 yards of the line of scrimage. That won't change with a new QB.

Benching Manuel after 4 games because they lost by 6 points to Houston and lost to the Chargers is a fuckin joke.

Anyone that likes this decision cannot lie to themself and have faith in Marrone, Whaley and Russ Brandon. If they do they are in denial. Kyle Orton playing mediocre is not going to change the incompetence at the top of this organization.

Orton better be prepared to play. He better be fully invested in winning and being the starting quarterback for the next 26+ games. Otherwise, WTF are we doing?

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