Monday, September 10, 2007

Brutal loss for Bills

by Coast

As Steve mentioned in a previous blog, this only ranks in the top 5 losses in recent memory. 90 percent of teams in the NFL would characterize this as one of their 2 worst losses that they can remember. Let's just reflect. Why? I don't know, maybe thinking about how miserable being a Bills fan is makes me feel better. I don't know.

Turn of the century, January 2nd...Music City Miracle-needs no explanation.

Week 1 2002 Season...Chad Morton 2 touchdown returns including the opening kickoff of overtime.

Season Opener 2004 season...Leftwich completes 4th and 14, Fletcher kicks the ball, 70 plus yards later its first and goal, 20 seconds later, game over no time left

Bills at Pats, 05 season Holcomb 2 yard out on 4th and 7 2 score lead blown in the 4th

Season Opener 2006 season...4th and 1 McGahee forgets the down, Losman safety, Royal block in the back, 17-7 lead blown, season over.

Bills Titans, Xmas Eve 2006, Royal can't get the feel down, Coaching staff confused on last play/most important play of season

Yesterday, 3rd and 23, 2 fourth downs, field goal team sprints on field in 9 seconds, Royal holding, Bomb on 4th down, Everett paralyzed, season over

What about the 90s while we are at it?

Week 3 1998 Season...Tony Banks waltzs in as time expires, 34-33 Rams

Week 13 1998 Season...Infamous "just give it to him" play on the sideline for New England on 4th down, then pass interference on the Hail Mary (1st and only time this was called in NFL history) game winning touchdown on final play of game Bledsoe to Coates...25-21 Pats, Bills lose out on home playoff game

AFC Wildcard 1998, Flutie Fumbles on 10

AFC Wildcard 1996 season, Kelly Concussion, Kelly Career Over, Glory Years over, Last home playoff game in 11 years and counting

Need I continue? I could go into the Super Bowls. Any franchise that loses 4 Championships in a row is a failure. How many times has it happened in any league? 0. Why? No franchise has a history of losing like this team.

What about the 80s. The fact that a game in the 80s is still in my memory bank shows how bad it was. Ronnie Harmon, wide open in the end zone...drops ball, Bengals win the AFC championship.

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