Friday, September 7, 2007

Broncos At Bills

It is opening day. Finally, after 9 grueling months of waiting, this day is upon us. For the 6th time in the past 7 years the Bills will open the season at home and will host the Denver Broncos.

After listening to NFL preview after NFL preview, the national media a) hates the Bills (as usual...if your name isn't Chris Berman you are required by contract by the NFL to hate the Bills and say anything negative possible in a valiant attempt at trying to force the team to Move to LA, Mexico City, Toronto, London...or anywhere besides the "armpit" of New York) and b) is for some reason obsessed with Denver. I have actually heard predictions of Denver going to the Super Bowl. Denver to the Super Bowl? Did I miss something this off season? Doug Gotlieb predicted Denver to go 13-3 and I thought he was insane. I proceeded to listen to more of his preview show and he went on to pick Dallas to go 16-0. Then I realized he was not only insane but also on drugs so everything he said lost any credibility.

As for Denver. They added Dre Bly this offseason. Talk about a guy whose great football name has made his career. This guy is average but ever since Denver picked him up they have become a Super Bowl contender. He is 30 years old. He had 3 interceptions last season and 50 tackles in 16 games. In 8 games last year, Jason Webster had 2 ints and 49 tackles. Project those out for an entire season and Jason Webster's numbers would eclipse Dre's. My point...who is Dre Bly? Denver was better off with Darrent Williams. He was younger and better. I have never seen a more overrated acquisition in my life.

As for the rest of their Super Bowl caliber defense.
1. Simeon Rice is nearing 50.
2. Denver has a completely new D line than a year ago. John Engelberger is replacing Kenard Lang at LE. Amon Gordon and Sam adams are starting at DT instead of Gerard Warren and Michael Myers. I don't know which set of 4 guys is worse.
3. Nate Webster is replacing Al Wilson at linebacker...ehhhh

These are some drastic improvements.

Denver still does have Champ Bailey though. Although, it has been reported that Bailey will not exclusively be covering Lee Evans. Uh, why? Every time Bly is on Evans the Bills should be looking 6. Denver ranked 21st in the league against the pass with last year even with Bailey...but now with Bly look for them to be ranked 1st possibly of all time. Losman could put up some numbers this Sunday.

Denver ranked 12th in the league against the run last year. With the loss of Al Wilson look for that to drop. Can Marshawn Lynch get off to a fast start? That is to be determined but the Bills need him to in order to get off to a decent start.

Denver will be led by 2nd year quarterback Jay Cutler. Cutler had 9 tds and 5 ints a year ago and threw for 200 yards per game in 5 starts. He won 2 games. He isn't John Elway. It is a proven fact that quarterbacks do not do well on opening day in Buffalo.

Brady in 2003
14-29-4 ints-123 yards
Leftwich in 2004
18-36-2 ints-147 yards
Carr in 2005

I don't expect anything different from Jay Cutler.

The Bills defense may have lose some names but that is all they lost. Takeo Spikes...43 solo tackles last year...there is a huge loss. Fletcher racked up a lot of tackles most of which 10 yards down field. Paul Poz is a Butkus Award winner. GIve me POZ over London any day and London is on the wrong end of 30. Clements is a loss, but that is it. Whitner and Simpson, one year older = one year better...unlike the guys we lost who one year older = one year older. Ellison is out but how much better is Ellison than Coy Wire. Coy Wire starting makes me sick to my stomach but I guess he is our best option.

On offense, Brad Butler is the man at right guard. I love this move. Brad Butler was on the same line as D Brick and in my opinion, Brad made D Brick. Preston is not a starter and Wittle is old and is only to provide good depth.

Keys to Victory
  1. McGee scores
  2. Henry needs to leave for the birth of his 10th child (or we can somehow hold him to less than 100 yards...I don't know which is more likely)
  3. Pressure Jay Cutler...he will make mistake after mistake
  4. Run the football. Our running game was MIA in the pre season.
It is opening day and the Bills are getting points at home. Are you serious? Lock of the millenium. Take the Bills money line. 23-9 Buffalo...Elam gets me 9 fantasy points in a losing effort.


  1. Yeah, two of those qb's are not even in the league. I would say Cutler played well - 23-39, 304, td, int, and oh yeah the W. What was losman's qb rating? 57......time for Edwards

  2. Not in the league - I meant not starting